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   The first edition of the Macao International Gem Fair will run 27-30 July 2015. This new Fair will focus on loose stones, raw materials and fine jewellery, and the fair is positiioned to serve the vast China and Asian gem and jewelllery markets.

   The jewel trade fairs in Hong Kong are an acknowledged on-going success. But it must be clearly stated that the Macao International Gem Fair is not a competitor to Hong Kong; it is actually an alternative venue, with a focus on the China and Asian markets. In this regard, the Macao Fair will prove of interest to Thai exhibitors seeking to expand their regional markets.

   The Macao Fair is organized by Mega Expo (Hong Kong) Ltd, in cooperation with the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Ornament Workers & Merchants General Union Ltd, the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Ornament Workers & Merchants General Union Ltd. the Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers Association Ltd and the Hong Kong Pearl Association. Moreover, the Macao Fair has garnered strong support from more than ten trade association as supporting parties for the event.

   The Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA), in a most welcome more, is giving full cooperation to the Macao International Gem Fair. The TGJTA recognizers the Macao Fair as a strong alternate venue that can facilitate the entry of Thai exhibitors into the China market. A seminar was held last month to introduce the Macao Fair to potential buyers and exhibitors, by inviting the management of the Macao Fair to answer any queries by TGJTA members. The seminar was well attended, with a very positive response.

   The venue for the Macao International Gem Fair is the prestigious Venetian Macao Resort & Exhibition Center, the world class resort-entertainment-convention-exhibition centre. The new Macao Fair has gained full support from the Macao SAR goverment. The Macao Fair's special buyer incentive programme extends to buyers three full nights hotel accommodation, plus refund of 75% of travel costs (airfare to and from Hong Kong, plus ferry fare between Hong Kong and Macao) Fair exhibitors can be subsized to the extent of five nights hotel accommodation.

   In reply to the question 'Why Macao as a fair venue?' the points to be made are:

- At the doorstep of China's vast jewel manufacturering and wholesale hub in the pearl River delta region

- Full support and sponsorship from the Macao SAR Government benefiting both exhibitors and visitors

- A duty-free port for trade and business transactions

-The 'Las Vegas' of Asia, with top class hotels, entertainment, shopping and dinning

- All the advantages of a mid-year fair

The global gems and jewellery markets are now shifting to the Asia -Pacific region, with China and India being the two largest markets n the region. Luxury products - including gems and jewelery - are seeing rapid grownthin China, India, and much of Asia. The Macao International Gem Fair is perfectly positioned to serve these burgeoning markets.

Cover picture :
A Stunning natural pearl, diamond and ruby serpent brooch, circa 1880. The old brilliant and rose-cut diamond sea serpent with rose-cut diamond raised crest and circular-cut ruby eyes, holding a large natural pearl in its jaws, coiled around a cushion-shaped ruby and old brilliant and rose-cut diamond trident, mounted in silver and gold, circular-cut diamonds approximately 2.30 carats total.


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