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     Thailand has the 17th largest manufacturing output and 28th biggest export volume in the world. The World Bank Ease of Doing Business 2014 study also ranks Thailand as 18th in the world, one of the highest in East Asia and the Pacific.

     These rankings are supported by direct investment numbers. The AT Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2013 puts Thailand among the most attractive destinations for investment in the Southeast Asia region. This comes as no surprise since the global manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) ranking of Thailand in 2013 placed it as the 11th most competitive manufacturing nation in the world.

     These strong standings suggest economic grownth will continue in Thailand. We can all look forward to what's in store, for surely the country has much more up its sleeve, come 2015 when it starts to position itself as the centre of the ASEAN Economic Community.

     Thailand's pride comes from the Thai artisanship that is more labour-intensive (hence, pricier than China's) but also of the highest quality. With good supply of resources, good government support through the Board of Investment, and skilled workers. Thailand is really an ideal hub for establishing a jewellery production line.

     The Thai economy in 2014 is forecast to grow at a slow pace due to the contraction of the economy in the first quarter and the constraints on domestic demand recovery in the latter half of the year, particularly consumping and private investment affected by domestic political uncertainly as well as the continued slowdown of household income and the overall economy. Meanwhile, formation of the new goverment is expected to be delayed, thereby imposing additional constraints on government budget disbursement and on implementation of key economic measures. Moreover, the slow global economic recovery tends to lower export grownth than earlier anticipated. Nonetheless, the economic stability remains sound. Inflation rate will be steady at a low level while the trade and current account balance will improve from 2013.

     Today Thai entrepreneurs are developing and adding more value to thier products. From their initial staus as original equipment manufacturing (OBM) businesses, they are now shifting into original brand manufacturing(OBM), as seen in the strong presence of Thai silver jewellery brands in the global market.

     In general, Thailand is the world's leading manufacturer and exporter of silver jewellery. According to the statistics, Thailand has been the world's largest silver jewellery exporter for over a decade, with the highest market share of around 20 percent. The latest export value during the 11-month peroid in 2013 was at US$1,467.77 million.
     Thailand’s five most important markets include the United States, which is the top market with the highest share of around 40 percent, followed by Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom respectively. Other markets that have high potential in silver jewellery export with over 100 percent grownth rate are Russia, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, which rank at 7th, 12th and 16th respectively in the list. These numbers correspond to the information from some Thai silver jewellers, who claim high grownth in the export value to these markets.

Cover picture :
Swarovski Bridal Show at IIJW: Zarine Khan as Rajasthani Showstopper Bride. The Swarovski Gemstones Gemvisions - "The Brides of India" Collection at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 was presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller.

The gorgeous Bollywood showstopper Zarine Khan stepped out of an arnate palanquin, dressed as a Rajasthani bride decked in an amazing giant neckpiece featuring a tableau from Mahi, Sangam Jewels N Gold, Swarnmandir and Kunden Jewels.

For the most important event in their lives, bridal couples will adore Swarovski's Gemvisions - "The Brides of India Collection" for its timeless splendour and beauty.


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