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   As we go to press, we learn that Thailand's Commerce Ministry is studying the country's export situation, the objective being to stimulate Thai exports whenever possible. The Commerce Ministry currently forecasts that Thailand's exports for the year 2015 will be 1 percent higher than in the previous year, or possibly a little more.

   Immediately following the Songkran holiday, the Commerce Ministry plans to confer with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Thai Industries, and the Industry Ministry, to evaluate the export situation, and to purpose programmes to stimulate exports in the months ahead.

   Exports arse currently constrained by the lack of economic grownth in markets abroad. This is the case with both agricultural-based products, and with industrial products. The lower petroleum prices have not so far delivered the economic stimulus that had been earlier expected.

   Thailand's gem and jewellery industry has in the past proven itself versatile and caplble of meeting economic and market challenges. The next few months promise to be very challenging for the industry. However, executives in the Thai gem and jewellery industry remain confident that the industry will be able to cope with the situation as it unfolds.

   Thai jewellery manufacturers have proven themselves able to meet the widest of market demands, in terms of both styles and price points. The Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair stands as testimony to the vst range of products that are being supplied by Thai manufacturers. The close and long-standing cooperation between the private sector and the Thai Government, notably the Commerce MInistry, demonstrate just how well the industry can flourish, given the right stimulus.

   The forthcoming 56th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair , being held in September next, offers a special oppotunity for the Thai gem and jewellery industry to showcase its capabilities and to promote jewellery exports. The Fair attracts serious buyers from around the world. The Fair offers the widest range of gem and jewellery products, ready to meet the demand from all the world's markets, in terms of design and price.

   As a critical time, when Thailand's exports need extra stimulus, the Thai gem and jewellery industry is an example of what can be done by a singlw industry.

Cover picture :
This stunning white and 18K rose gold necklace, with detachble brooch, is designed and created by Movawad Mena DMCC. It comprises 48.99 total carat weight in white diamonds, and 22.90 total carat weight in pink diamonds. Image by courtesy of the book Dreams of Diamonds.


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